Voiceover & Radio

Working across all vocal mediums, from animation and video game characters to commercial and audiobook narration, as well as ADR and live radio plays with a wide range of regional UK, Irish and US dialects. 

Track 5 – ‘Bones of Contention’ is a radio docu-drama on the life and work of Irish writer Brian O’Nolan (aka Flann O’Brien or Myles Na gCopaleen) as told by his various writing avatars for RTE Lyric FM Ireland directed by Marc-Ivan O’Gorman. Credits below…

Bones of Contention - Cleverality ProductionS

Written & Directed by

Recorded by
Original Music & Sound

Marc-Ivan O’Gorman
Kevin Marron
Rachel Rath
Jack Lowe
Brian Wallace
David Ayers

Interspersed throughout the comedic dramatisation are interviews with the likes of novelists; Julian Gough and Pat McCabe; comedians, The Rubber Bandits, Ardal O’Hanlon, Tommy Tiernan and David McSavage, actor Eamon Morrissey, literary experts Dr Keith Hopper and Dr. Carol Taaffe, poet Louis De Paor and dramaturge Jocelyn Clarke.