Holidays of Horror (St. Patrick's Day)StarringDir: Bel Delia
I didn't... I wasn't... I amn'tSupportingDir: Laoisa Sexton
The WeightStarringDir: Aidan Largey
Butterfly DustStarringDir: Anthony Bushman
As They Continue to FallSupportingDir: Nikhil Bhagat
Wiener Dog NationalsSupportingDir: Kevan Peterson
LexStarringDir: Troy Ruff
The CookiesStarringDir: Eoin Macken
Embers of the SkyLeadDir: Justin Calen Chiang
Sweet JesusStarringDir: Kevin Marron
BrokenStarringDir: Daniel Grove
AnimusStarringDir: Declan Cassidy
No Saints For SinnersSupportingDir: Nathan Frankowski
Swansong: Occi ByrneSupportingDir: Conor McDermottroe
TrappedSupportingDir: Graham Cantwell
Dublin The MovieLeadDir: Lenny Abrahamson
Craic WhoresStarringDir: George Kane
Crime CallsStarringDir: Philip Kelly
AcesStarringDir: Jessica Bermingham
ChronoscopeSupportingDir: Andrew Legge
An RacanStarringDir: Paul Burke
The OpponentStarringDir: Sandas Jonas
CrossoverLeadDir: Marcella Kinsella
A Long Way DownStarringDir: Patrick Keighery
The More Things ChangeStarringDir: Derek Cahill
Social WorkLeadDir: Declan Reynolds
DreamsSupportingDir: Morgan Ryan
A Guide to SuicideStarringDir: Eoin Keenan
LucStarringDir: Gerard Browne
Hard KnocksSupportingDir: Deth D'Arcy Schewe
The W.C.SupportingDir: Liam O Mochain
The Buck RulesSupportingDir: Sam Lennox
No White KnightStarringDir: Kevin Marron
General HospitalCo-StarABC
The Last FenianLeadPBS
Then That HappenedGuest StarWeb
Masters of the HouseSeries LeadWeb
Zombie BashersGuest StarRTE
RedemptionSeries LeadRTE
The Powerdown ShowGuest StarDCTV
FeudGuest StarRTE
Podge & RodgeGuest StarRTE
MaruGuest StarTG4
The Last Days of CleopatraKarl/MaureenGeorgeanne Heller Presents
Missing FootballStephenCustom Made Theatre Co.
Mrs. President (Mary Becoming)Huck / ChairJohn Ransom Phillips
What The Donkey SawMultipleWild Geese Productions
This Is IrelandRobert EmmetGarfinkle / Noone
War of the Roses IIIKing's AssassinWhiplash
War of the Roses IIThiefWhiplash
Four Country RoadsLeo MurphyArtswell
War of the RosesYoung TalbotWhiplash
OneRoom 91PanPan Theatre
Death of a SalesmanWaiterGuthrie Theater
ActionNamelessLocus Theatre
Elesyian JumiorsGatekeeperGSA
What the Dead WantRussian SoldierGSA
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareBritish SoldierActivision Games
The ForeignerLooping/ADRSTX Ent / The Loop Troop
Muppets Most WantedLooping/ADRDisney / The Loop Troop
The Fisherman & His WifeBlister McFlatusJoe Murray / Stoopid Buddy
Stepdog - A NovelNarratorHarper Collins / Deyan Audio
République (VO & Mo-Cap)The OverseerCamouflaj & Logan
Oregon State LotteryNarratorBorders Perrin Norrander
Think FedEx FirstNarratorHG Lewes
Nebraska Aim 2010NarratorNebraska Aim
Bulmers LightNarratorEuro Young RSCG
Island Of The DamnedSonRose O'Neill / NUI
Making of: A Long Way DownNarratorSeth D'Arcy Schewe


EU Citizen, US Greencard – valid passport and a packed bag at the ready!
Advanced Stage Combat: Unarmed / Rapier & Daggar / Sword & Shield / Knife / Quarterstaff, Archery, Firearms, Martial Arts, Boxing, Performance-Capture, Horse Riding, Motorcycle, Stick Shift.


Professionally trained in theater and film performance at The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland, with experience performing on the finest stages in the nation including The Gate Theatre, and The Gaiety Theatre directed by Joe Dowling. Film work includes productions throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as France and Germany, before extending to the United States, with work in New York and Los Angeles. 2008 Alumnus of the Berlinale Talents program.

Advanced stage combat training in unarmed, swords, knife, and staff fighting. Instructors include Paul Burke (Sleepy Hollow / The Vampire Diaries), Richard Ryan (Troy / The Dark Knight), and Roger Yuan (Jason Bourne / Warcraft).