A dark noir thriller set in Downtown Los Angeles, Nightlights follows a troubled detective as he investigates a series of attacks on women in the city, all of which take place during flashes of bright white light. Haunted by visions of a similar attack on his mother 25 years ago, the detective needs answers and will go to any lengths to find them.


Love under shooting stars sounds great until a spawn-vomiting alien worm comes crash-landing to earth and starts zombifying the locals to spread its seed. Now a group of adventurous friends must battle the blue beast to survive and save the world. A horror-comedy throwback to the likes of 'Critters' and 'Gremlins'...




Freakish Kid

I was hired by Freakish Kid Director Stu Gamble (Lego series Nexo Knights) to scribe two teen series pilots. I can't reveal any information about either series, other than one is a live action comedy and the other an animated comedy.





A 4 part web series chronicling the morning after the night before as a young professional tries to deal with, and clean up, the drunken murder of a young woman. With no prior knowledge beyond what he's seen on TV, he desperately tries to erase his mistakes and get away clean.

Father Brother Son

After his family is wiped out in a gangland execution, a man must return from hiding to avange their deaths and lay their bodies to rest. A voilent crime thriller.